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After Sales


Financing services

Guangdong new customer financing services for customers with a variety of project financing schemes, so that we undertake the construction of offshore vessels to obtain sufficient financial support. We have established a good cooperative relationship with China's major banks as well as a considerable number of foreign banks, while customers in China as an important cooperative Sinosure's export credit insurance company, we conduct the construction and financing of buyer's credit financing arrangement has a very rich experience .


New Trading Services

Guangdong, the new vessels to provide new trading services. Guangdong, the new high standards of quality ship quality, providing strong protection were now trading ship, more accessible customers. At the same time, our strong global sales network, including branches, brokers and customers to ensure a quick sale possibilities and channels. When customers are now trading ship service needs, we are very happy to help and services. We will also be contracted to provide leasing services.


Component Services

Guangdong, the new establishment of the "three days to reflect," the rapid customer response mechanism. When customers encounter component failure or other parts problem, notify Yuexin, our sales team will immediately respond and provide solutions within 3 days. We use the equipment manufacturers direct maintenance mechanism. We will help customers contact your equipment supplier in the shortest time and to arrange replacement or repair parts.


Delivery Service

Guangdong SGX boat service is committed to providing customers with high-quality delivery of services to ensure delivery to the customer's vessel in a safe and reliable "ready to go open" state. As an international professional manufacturer of marine vessels, Guangdong new crew to provide humane comprehensive training services to enable them to quickly become familiar with the equipment to be delivered and operation of the vessel. After more than ten years of professional experience, Guangdong SGX boat has been very mature and reliable service, providing customers with convenient and thoughtful service, acclaimed.