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About Us


  • Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd



    Located in Guangzhou Nansha Economic Development Area (state-level), Nansha Shipbuilding Base boasts the international leading strength in shipbuilding hardware. With a total floor space of 100,000 square meters, the shipbuilding base is equipped with advanced production and test facilities, of which, the assembling platform is 120 meters long, with maximum hoisting capacity of 150t, and it runs ahead of the industry in unit capacity thanks to exquisite layout design.


    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#1

    • Sub-module Manufacturing Workshop#1

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#2

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#3

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#4

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#5

    • Sub-module Manufacturing Workshop#2

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#6

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#7

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop#8

    • Semi-submergible Barge

    Principal FacilityEffective Job SizeLifting capacity

    ASheltered Assembling Workshop#1L90m×W23m×H22m75t×2

    BSub-module Manufacturing

    CSheltered Assembling Workshop#2L96m×W23.7m×H17.4m75t×2

    DSheltered Assembling Workshop#3L96m×W19.2m×H17.4m75t×2

    ESheltered Assembling Workshop#4L96m×W17.8m×H17m75t×2

    FSheltered Assembling Workshop#5L96m×W17.8m×H17m75t×2

    GSub-module Manufacturing

    HSheltered Assembling Workshop#6L121m×W24.8×H22m75t×2

    ISheltered Assembling Workshop#7L70m×W18m×H15m75t×2

    JSheltered Assembling Workshop#8L70m×W18m×H15m75t×2

    KSemi-submergible Barge#9L65m×W24.5m×H(2.3m+6.5m)75t×2
  • Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Located in the national high-tech park Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan Construction Base is a wholly-funded subsidiary of Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., and it is committed to developing large-scale offshore engineering support vessels, oil and gas exploitation service equipment, and special-purpose high-tech ships that adapt to different severe sea conditions and service requirements.

    Positioned as the special production line for offshore engineering products, Zhongshan Construction Base is particularly tailored to building of large-scale high-end ocean engineering products. The assembling workshop of Zhongshan Shipbuilding Base is among China’s largest offshore engineering service equipment sheltered assembling workshops, and has four sheltered platforms with size of 220.4m*69m*46m(L*Wx*H). Equipped with two hoisting machines with the maximum lifting capacity of 300T and four 20t hoisting machines, the base can build four 90m offshore engineering ships simultaneously. In addition, the base has wharf and revetment shoreline of 513.5meters, which involves three outfitting berths, one sheltered assembling platform revetment, and one outdoor final assembling platform.

    • Sheltered Assembling Workshop

    • Outdoor Assembling Workship

    • Semi-submergible Barge

    • Warehouse

    • Mechanical & Electrical

    • R & D Center

    • Block Storage Area

    • Blasting   Painting Workshop

    • Sub-module Manufacturing Workshop

    • Piping & Outfitting Workshop

    Principal FacilityEffective   Work SizeLifting capacity

    A、Sheltered Assembling
    L292m×W36m×H43mUpper hoist 150/20t x 2
    L292m×W33m×H43mLower hoist 20/5t x 2

    B、Outdoor Assembling Workship#2L318m x W60m150t×2

    C、Semi-submergible Barge#3L98m×W49m×H3.8m5000t

    D、Warehouse#4The assembling workshop of Zhongshan
    Construction Base is among China’s
    largest offshore engineering service
    equipment sheltered assembling workshops.

    E、Mechanical & Electrical#5

    F、R & D Center#6

    G、Block Storage Area#7

    H、Blasting & Painting

    I、Sub-module Manufacturing

    J、Piping & Outfitting
  • MCA Electric Co., Ltd.


    Founded in 2000 and located in Nansha District of Guangzhou City, MCA Electric Co., Ltd. is an accredited national high-tech business. MCA Electric Co., Ltd. applies itself to providing customers with ship electric integration and automation solutions, including:


    • ◆  Power distribution system                                 ◆  Joint control system

    • ◆  Power equipment                                               ◆  Electric propulsion system

    • ◆  Control console / centralized control console of engine room

    • ◆  Integrated alarm management system (IAMS) 

    • ◆  Integrated automation system

    • ◆  Dynamic positioning and FMEA counseling services


    To meet the world shipbuilding industry’s demands, the company adopts the widely accepted and world famous brands’ original equipment integration system, so as to ensure the system reliability and stability. By now, MCA Electric Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and obtained the certificate of approval from classification societies like CCS, ABS, and BV, etc. Also, it has been licensed by famous brands like Siemens, Schneider, and Leroy Somer, etc. Consistently, the company seeks to provide customers with the optimal solutions at the minimum cost by virtue of the most advanced technologies.



  • Guangzhou Weiping Marine Support Equipment Co., Ltd


    Founded in 2007 and covering an area of over 20000 square meters, Guangzhou Weiping Marine Support Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary ship equipment manufacturing company of Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. So far, Weiping has sold its products to every corner of China and exported to SE Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, etc., and all of its products have passed certification of classification societies like LR, CCS, ABS, and BV. In light of requirements of GB/T 19001-2008 idt ISO 9001:2008, Weiping has established its quality management system and passed BV factory certification. That further guarantees the company’s product quality and stability.



    Its Products Include:

    ◆  Standard and Non-standard Marine Outfitting Pieces                 ◆  Mooring Bollard

    ◆  Propeller Nozzle                                                                               ◆  Stern Roller

    ◆  Flapped Rudder                                                                                ◆  Cement Tanks

    ◆  Ventilation Pipe And Attachments For Cabin Accommodation    ◆  Engine Room Ventilation Parts



  • Asian Flag Marine Technical Co., Ltd.


    Asian Flag Marine Technical Co., Ltd. , specializes in all-around design of ocean engineering equipment. Over the years, Asian Flag took Yuexin as its foothold and amassed a wealth of experience in ocean engineering equipment design. Also, it made in-depth study on the main oceanic conditions and market demands and developed the basic plans that received warm welcome from the market. In terms of production design, Asian Flag applies advanced ship design software FORAN to seek increasing perfection and provide the shipbuilders with precise production design plan.

    Business Scope Covering:

    ◆  Technology Assessment and Consulting                               ◆  Concept Design

    ◆  Basic Design                                                                            ◆  Detail Design

    ◆  Production Design