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Yuexin Successfully Delivered a 65m AHTS Vessel

Source:Updated Time:2017-06-16


YUEXIN NEWS One unit of 65m Anchor Handling/Towing Supply Vessel, with the name of “CMV ATHOS” has been delivered successfully by Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. to European owner on 13th June, which has sizeable bollard pull of 80t and speed of 13 knots.

2017-06-08 101321_副本.jpg

Applying the based design of Focal Marine & Offshore, the vessel measures 65 meters in length overall , with a beam of 16 meters, a depth of 6.2 meters and a designed draught of 5 meters. It is built under the survey of ABS classification with the notation of +A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel, (Supply, AH, Tow, FFV 1, SPS)+AMS,+ DPS-2. The excellent hull design makes the vessels carry 570m3 fuel oil, 300m3 fresh water, 550 m3 drill water, 370m3 mud, 150 m3 dry bulk cement. Furthermore, the vessel is powered by a twin Niigata main engines with a total installed power of 6000PS and driving a pair of Berg controllable pitch propellers. The electrical plants consist of three CAT diesel engine driven generators, each with a power output of 450eKW.  

The vessel features high dynamic positioning capability, as it is equipped with two Kawasaki bow thrusters and one stern thruster as well as Konsberg DP2 system. At the same time, the FFS class 1 FiFi system provides excellent firefighting capability.


Following our “HOME LIKE” design philosophy in interior decoration, the vessel has achieved the balance of function, comfort and sense of beauty. 


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