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YUEXIN Successfully Delivered of four 34M ASD Tug

Source:Updated Time:2016-09-28



YUEXIN NEWS Three 34m ASD type harbour tugs and one 12m line handing tug have left Yuexin’s jetty on 27th September to Nansha Port, being successfully delivered to the owner from Middle East, and will be operated in Middle East area.



The 34m tugs are built to an exclusive design by Singaporean design house Shiptech Pte Ltd. A beam of 11.5m, a depth of 5m and a draught of 5.06m (Abv. B.L) means she will likely be more stable in larger sea. Built under the survey by BV class society with the notation of +1,HULL,+MACH,TUG,FIRE-FIGHTING SHIP 1(WITH WATER SPRAY) AUT-UMS, UNRESTRICTED SERVICE, the tug can carry fuel oil 180m³, fresh water 25m³, lube oil 8m³,recovered oil 10m³,sewage 10m³, dirty oil 8m³, propeller oil 4m³, detergent 8m³,foam 10m³.




The tug is powered by with a pair of ABC main engines, each of them delivering 2143kw at 1000 rpm, driving a pair of Schottel rudder propeller SPR1515CP. This combination gives the tug boat a bollard pull of 67t (ahead) and 65t (astern) and a free running speed of 13.5 knots. A pair of gensets is from Cummins, each output 187kw.
For harbor working duties she is equipped with a Jebsen & Jessen Anchor Windalss of 2.5T at 12m/min on the bow. Deck equipment also includes a 1.5t crane which can meet diversified working requirement.








The working area on board is easily visible from the wheelhouse thanks to the full height windows with 360 degree visual field. With comfortable internal decoration, the tug has the accommodation of 9 personnel and applied warm colour tone to increase the comfort.


This project wins high appraisal from owner and the whole delivery process is very smooth. At the same time, the successful delivery is a huge encouragement for the staff of Yuexin.

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