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Core Competence

R & D

· We have established an R & D team with strong professional ability and abundant experience. Presently, it has 72 professional R & D staffers, making up 23.30% of its engineering technicians. To be specific, the Company’s R & D team has covered all nodes in the offshore engineering equipment manufacturing process, for example, assembly design, functional module technology development, and technologies for integration of various types of equipment, etc.


· We have established close partnership with the industry’s technical experts and domestic famous higher education schools, and acted positively to develop the “Industry-University-Research” cooperation mode


· As a national high-tech business, we have a provincial-level corporate technology center. All told, it has assumed 65 R & D projects, registered 43 intellectual property rights, and developed 22 collections of new offshore engineering ships.


· By introducing and assimilating domestic and overseas advanced technologies, and simultaneously carrying out independent R & D and making innovations, the Company has developed and amassed a wealth of technical experiences, and made breakthroughs in key technology application fields like offshore engineering equipment final assembling and integration, power distribution technologies, and power propulsion technologies, etc., which in turn consolidated the Company’s technical leading place in the industry.

· By virtue of a great many successful cases in delivery of nearly 150 OSV, we have established the functional integration solutions database that is tailored to different technical architecture ocean engineering platforms and different sea areas and ocean environments, in addition to successfully modularizing integration of some engineering service functions. As a result, we have the ability to design and produce the first one of the design. So far, we have developed and built 20-odd First Vessel.

· Yuexin is a high-tech corporation, and its technology R & D center has been accredited as “Guangdong Provincial-level Corporate Technology Center”. In addition, we are Guangdong Province’s first enterprise that meets the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Regulations for the Shipbuilding Industry, and also a pilot enterprise for fusion of information technology and industrialization in Guangdong Province.