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Founding Story

Starting from the South…

Three generations of Yuexin helmsmen’s dream originates from the South Gate of China Lingnan Water Village, which is reputed as the “Hometown for shipbuilding” by local people and regarded as the origin of dream for Yuexin Ocean Engineering.




Affection on ship


In 1950s, people in the picturesque Lingnan Water Village mostly traveled by wooden boat. At that time, Mr. Tan Weibo at a young age got up early every day to assist his father in producing wooden boat. After graduating from school, Tan Weibo chose to serve a local shipyard without hesitation, and worked as an apprentice at the production frontline. By virtue of his extraordinary gifts and intimate knowledge about ships, Tan Weibo soon grew into a ship design engineer. Within only 10 years, he was promoted to the shipyard’s general manager. Later, to achieve his original dream at a better platform, Tan Weibo established his own business in person.

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Opening a new Chapter for career


In 2000, Mr. Tan Weibo gave the dream-carrying business a new name “Yuexin”, which literally implies “Rise in South China, progress with each passing day”. In 2002, Mr. Tan Ruifeng graduated from the Ship and Ocean Engineering Department of Wuhan University of Technology, and devoted himself to his family-run business. He started his career as a project assistant and retook his father’s road of struggle. In 2003, international crude oil price began to rise as petroleum resources on land are increasingly exhausted. With a keen insight to the market, Mr. Tan Ruifeng adjusted its company’s business direction and took great strides towards the OSV industry. Over a span of 15 years, Yuexin-built OSV were exported to countries all around the world, making Yuexin keep running ahead of domestic OSV manufacturing industry.



Build up an international corporation


Under the leadership of Mr. Tan Ruifeng, today’s Yuexin has developed into an offshore engineering equipment manufacturing enterprise with annual output value of more than RMB 1 billion, and it has set up two manufacturing bases respectively in Nansha and Zhongshan. With a complete value chain system for ship electric components supply, outfitting supply, and ship design & sales, etc., In the future, Yuexin will further diversify its product line and develop more offshore engineering businesses, with a view to growing into an international leading offshore engineering equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprise. 



Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Corporate Video