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Vision & Mission



To be a reputable supplier in Offshore Support Industry



To excel and achieve customer's need and expectation. To create value added to customers. To develop, contribute and build up to the highest international standard.


View of Talent

Those who have good character and strong ability will be used in important work; Those who have good character and are willing to study will be trained and used; Those who have strong ability but poor character will be used in limited fields; Those who have poor ability and poor character will be eliminated from the company.


 Value orientation

Behavior  If you persist in doing well the work and act in an                  honest and sincere manner;
                 your failure is temporary, otherwise your success is                  temporary.

Work        Do not make commitments unless you have

                 planned well, and never break faith after making 

                 Performance is the only yardstick to test the work.

Spirit        Hard struggle is still the foundation for our


Method   Passion makes us always stay young;

                 learning brings us perpetual confidence.