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We set great store by the work safety in the production, and it has set up safety committee to take charge of the Company’s safety management, safety publicity, and planning work. Aiming at safety issues in production, the Company has worked out procedures and regulations like Procedure for Control of Emergency Preparedness and Response, Regulations for Electrical Safety, Provisions for Management over Dangerous Chemicals, Fire Management Regulations, Safety Technology Operation Instruction, Work Safety Management System, and Work Safety Management Responsibilities at All Levels, etc. In addition, we have passed the third-level auditing in determination of enterprises that meet provisions of the Standardized Enterprises in Work Safety. In terms of work safety, we give priority to the “human’ factor and provides our employees with regular safety awareness trainings. Simultaneously, we keep on carrying out safety inspection work, and redoubles the protection to those devices that are subject to safety accidents and those parts that may be neglected easily.


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